Rapid delivery, quality product, efficient customer support and secure payment.

Lalgolapi is a Swedish company. It was started in 2020 from a small family who lived in a countryside of Sweden. We are a planning forward by environment friendly online shopping that flows all rules, ethics, and sustainability. Mainly we focus on Asian design in Europe.

The main goal is to satisfy our valuable consumers. Rapid delivery, quality products and efficient customer support are the highest priority of Lalgolapi.


Our vision is to become the leader for “Asian fashion in Europe”.


Our mission is to deliver an outstanding Asian fashion shopping experience in Europe.


Mostly three different banks of Sweden, persons from government organizations and innovative persons are working with Lalgolapi. Asian cloths are very demanding in whole Europe, this is our main key to drive our goal. We have lot of plans about Lalgolapi that may create new sister concern companies of Lalgolapi.

Source of Art

Our selective professionals in Asian countries collects our trendy fashion wear from well recognized garments companies or wholesale shops. Moreover, fashion designer of Lalgolapi works with dress selection and ensure quality. 


Sköttmorsväg 13 C, 
78455 Borlänge, Sweden


+46 76 90 90 112